Wrapping Machines For Latex Mattress And Pillows

Wrapping Machines For Latex Mattress And Pillows

Maybe you don’t know yet. We have the wrapping machines for latex mattresses and pillows

NG-05R Mattress Wrapping Machine:

1、The machine is also suitable for sponge mattress with density less than or equal to 30kg/m3. The product has the following characteristics: high production efficiency, 35~40 seconds to complete a simple operation, as long as the bag; put the mattress and bags, press a button to automatically complete the operation, general workers can operate the machine learning 5 minutes; the packing cost is low, each mattress needs only a diameter of about 320mm PVC bag or PE bag, roll after the pressure mattress size is greatly reduced, thus greatly reduce the production cost of transport and storage. The whole machine is compact and simple, convenient for installation and maintenance.

2、The import of automatic adjustment, stronger adaptability, thereby improving the roll thin mattress mattress can not roll thick, limitation of the volume volume not thin thick mattress mattress, completely solve the slippage in the feeding process of the serious problem of mattress, minimum adjustment range up to 40mm

3、After packing, the mattress not only does not deform, but also saves storage and transportation space for the producers, thereby saving related costs, such as transportation costs and transportation costs. So as to enhance their competitiveness  



NG-07R Latex Pillow Roll Packing Machine:

This machine is mainly used for latex pillow, latex pillow quilt and a series of automatic roll packing. With high automation, the PLC control system is adopted, and the touch screen with high precision is adopted. The machine has high degree of automation, instead of the traditional one hand pressure bag, beautiful appearance, high efficiency, the most important thing for you to save expensive labor cost.

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