Development Of The Mattress Compressor

Development Of The Mattress Compressor

In this world, every thing, every thing, and every life has a course of development. For example, the world’s first computer called ENIAC, weighing twenty-seven tons, covers an area of one hundred and fifty square meters, is bigger than a room; and now, a walking notebook everywhere; now our company many mattress compressor machine in the course of development of the.Mattress compression machinery using vacuum compression packing, electronic control system of professional, to ensure the rapid compression of different types without compromising mattress conditions, the thickness of the mattress, can greatly save transportation space, improve transport efficiency, so as to achieve to reduce the cost of transportation and storage of the deposit to.

First generation: NG-01M Semi-automatic mattress compressor

As the name suggests, semi automation requires half of the machine while it needs a machine; this 01M needs artificial bags, gas, and seal. But there is also a great point: it is the price preference, which is very suitable for small start – up small factories.

After improvement: NG-21M Mattress automatic compressor

The integrated automatic mattress compressor is automatically completed by the conveyor belt from the inlet to the outlet, and has the functions of automatic vacuuming and automatic thermal sealing. It saves time and labor and reduces labor intensity. But it still needs an artificial mattress bag, so it has the following.

Latest: NG-61M full automatic compressor machine

The real meaning of automation, mattress compression from the entrance to the exit by the conveyor belt automatically, and with automatic vacuum, automatic hot air and other functions, the packing efficiency for 40-50 seconds / piece, short training cycle, easy production and personnel shift, and can be connected to a variety of packaging production lines, as manufacturers save labor cost, saving time and effort PLC, control system, can be translated into various languages and good after-sale service.


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