Mattress Packing And Compression Machine NG-61M

Mattress Packing And Compression Machine NG-61M

A lot of mattress manufactures know the benefit of compressing mattress, it not only saves storage space, but also the shipping cost. But not much know how useful the packing machine is. Without the mattress packing machine, we have to pack the mattress manually, it’s easy if the mattress is tiny, but for the king size mattress, it is quiet hard to cover packing bags on it. But with NG-61M, it all solves.

And here are some other highlights worth to mention.

1.Integrated automatic mattress compression packaging machine, mattress from the entrance to the exit are automatically completed by the conveyor belt, and has automatic vacuum, automatic heat sealing and other functions.

2.High production efficiency, short training cycle, easy to shift production personnel, and can connect various packaging production lines, save labor and labor for manufacturers, that can save storage, transportation space and enterprise costs.

3.This machine is a PLC control system. It can be translated into various languages and the after-sales service is in place.

One more reason for choosing the NG-61M is that the packing machine can seal the mattress pretty well which is no leaking when conveying to the compression part, for the pressure is 100 tons. What’s more the machine is widely use for different sizes of mattress: the width range from 1800 to 2100 mm and the max height is 500 mm. Last but not least, it’s quiet easy to operate, only takes a few minutes to learn it.

As said above, NG-61M can help a lot, and as long as you bought it, we will provide one year warranty. Inquiry now and we will help you evaluate your product to see if NG-61M is the right machine for your facility.

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