Mattress Rolling Machine NG-05R With Fixed Diameter

Mattress Rolling Machine NG-05R With Fixed Diameter

It’s no doubt that all mattress manufacturers want to save the storage space, usually they will compress and roll the mattress. But for some kinds of mattress, they just need to be rolled up, and that save the compression cost, so what you need is NG-05R.

Compared with NG-06R, the highlight is that NG-05R is fully automatic, all you need to do is put the mattress into the conveyor belt and the you got the rolled mattress.(watch the VIDEO) Other features are showing below:

1. This machine applies to density ≤ 30 kg/m³ foam or latex mattress.

2. High efficiency, 35-40 seconds to complete bagging; easy to operate, as long as the mattress and plastic bag are placed, press a button to complete the operation automatically, the average worker can master the machine after 5 minutes of learning.

3. Low packaging cost. Each mattress only requires one PVC bag or PE bag with a  set diameter.

4. The volume of the mattress is greatly reduced after rolling, which greatly reduces the cost of product transportation and storage.

5. The whole machine is compact and simple, easy to install and maintain.


We have different diameters: 250 mm,290 mm,320 mm,340 mm,370 mm,400 mm,450 mm, and you can choose the correct one depending on your mattress size. Also, we will provide you suggestion and evaluate your product to see if NG-05R is the right machine for your facility. 

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