China NG-18R Automatic Mattress compress and rolling machine

China NG-18R Automatic Mattress compress and rolling machine


China NG-18R  Automatic Mattress compress and rolling machine


Automatic Mattress compress and rolling machine is a set compression, heat sealing, packaging production equipment of a function, saved the mattress transportation and storage space, reduce the cost, compared with the similar equipment, with more significant characteristics.

China NG-18R  Automatic Mattress compress and rolling machine
Size of Pressure plate:2100mm*2300mm
Max Presure: 50T
Mattress size:2200*2000
Roll packing Diameter: Unlimit
Foam density:≥25kgs/m³,≤45kgs/m³
Total Power:28.7KW
Voltage:AC: 220V/380V/50HZ(Voltage can be changed according to local requirements)
Total weight:7000KG
Overall Dimension:4500*4450*2600mm


NG-18R mattress compress roll packing machine

Advantage of product

China NG-18R  Automatic Mattress compress and rolling machine

1,Customers can according to their own needs, choose whether need to increase a fold machine after compress  folded in half  to package;


2,the wrapping diamater is  unlimited, it can according the mattress height to adjust the package diamater, this can help manufacturers to solve the trouble of fixed diameter;


3,high production efficiency, each mattress compression wrapping process only need 1 minute;


4,training cycle is short, the operation is simple, easy to shift production personnel and the packaging of the products elegant;


5,equipment easy disassembly, convenient transportation.

Automatic unlimit diameter mattress press rolling machine

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