China NaiGu manufacture packing mattress compress machine

China NaiGu manufacture packing mattress compress machine

Product Description

 China NaiGu manufacture packing mattress compress machine


1.This is a set of automatic mattress compressor machine, it’s a kind of electronic mattress packaging compressor.

2.Vacuum compressed packaging is used for mattress compressor, the professional electronic control system can rapidly compress matress &Foam block under the condition of ensuring not damage the mattress.

3. Perfect seal of film provides more security in storage & delivery

4. Accepts all kinds of mattresses and soft cushions made from sponge

5. Low and easy maintenance.

6. Easy to operate / short training period.

7. High production efficiency

8.The machine is made up of three parts,which are the press part,the sealing machine and the vacuum pump.Mattress compression machinery using vacuum compression packing,professional electronic control system,to ensure the rapid compression of different types,thickness mattress under the condition of ensuring not to damage the mattress,Can greatly save the transportation space,improve transport efficiency,so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the greatly transportation and storage cost.

9.The material is used the steel products , it is more thicker than others.

10.   Solid and compact mechanical structure.

11.Hydraulic system is different ,it is the Taiwan hydraulic pressure original . the diameter of the Cylinder is 750mm .

12.The net weight of machine is 3000kg , the lifetime is definitely OK for 10 years and more than.

13.We are the professional manufacturer for mattress vaccum press machine . have been exported to different countries in the world , that machine is also our the best selling one of our machines

14.Our machinery uses the famous German Siemens electrical system

15.It takes only 10-15seconds to compress a mattress. Four mattresses can be compressed in one minute

16.Our machinery service lasts for one year, and we can remotely instruct how to operate the machinery

17.We have 10 years of mechanical technology experience and we have multiple certificates for mattress compression machinery

18.This mattress compression machine covers an area of 8 square meters, I hope you can free up 20 cubic meters of space to operate this machine

19.The mattress compression machine adopts vacuum compression packaging, and the professional electronic control system ensures that the mattress of different sizes and thickness can be quickly compressed without damaging the mattress, which can greatly save transportation space and improve transportation efficiency. Good to achieve the purpose of reducing transportation and storage costs

20. Mattress size up to 2100 * 2200mm

21.270cm heating wire 8 * 0.3 * 4 + sticky bulk * 4 + non-sticky * 2 + compression bag * 20 pieces + travel switch * 2 + tool box * 1 set + manual

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