NG-07T Automatic Tape edge machine

NG-07T Automatic Tape edge machine

Certification  : ISO 900

Payment : T / T, L / C, etc.

Shipment Location: Guangzhou \ Shenzhen

Sample Policy: 3 days prior sampling time

MOQ Production time: about 7-25 days


Automated tape edge machine

Information  of Products

Through the use of mobile and fixed-head structure tape edge machines NG-07T is an ideal companion device automation product line mattress

Automated tape edge machine

Descriptions of product

Mattress thickness : 150-450 mm

The head elevation rang : 125-450 mm

Adjust the angle : 30 ° ~55

Table size : 2000 × 3950 × 900 mm

Machine size : 2380 × 1830 × 1650 mm

Power : 3-phase, 380 V 50 HZ

Total power : 3 kilowatts

Gas source : 0.7-1.0 Mpa

Total weight : 1,300 kg

Efficiency  : 15-18 units / hour

Certification  : ISO 900

Payment : T / T, L / C, etc.

Shipment Location: Guangzhou \ Shenzhen

Sample Policy:Existing Sample Time 3 Days

M O Q Production time: About 7-25 days

Packaging Details: Standard Export Packing

Automated tape edge machine

Automated tape edge machine

Advantage of product

1. It can make the mattress out for a corner, and automatically flip.

2. Its unique capabilities, such as automatically raising or lowering the machine head corner speed automatic deceleration in the corner, after passing the corner sewing speed automatic recovery, you can adjust the tilt angle of the nose, adjustable head movements, regulating sewing quality.

3. Automatic make work more efficiently, reducing labor.

4. provide some parts for free

Automated tape edge machine

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