China NaiGu manual pillow compress machine NG-22C

China NaiGu manual pillow compress machine NG-22C

pillow type vacuum packing machine price


This machine is used for compressing and packing  of all kind of cotton bedding.

1.pneumatic control system, easy to operate and leakage.

2.Small volume, less area.

3.The package products are not easy to leakage.

4.The operation is simple, machine had set up safety protection device(the hot wire has the protective cover).

5.Pillow of length 1 meter above can also be compressed.

6.Reduce packing & transportation costs, automatic sealing packing the products after compression, compressioned pillow can automatically recover after opening the vacuum packaging.

7.With wide use range of products to meet different needs.


Model pillow pressing machine
Capacity 180pcs/h
Air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Voltage 220V
Power 0.3kw
Dimension 990*1200*1600mm
Sealing size 800*1200*450mm
Weight 150kg


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