NG-31M Foam automatic compression machine foam packing machine

NG-31M Foam automatic compression machine foam packing machine

The vacuum compressed packaging is used for mattress compressor, the professional electronic control system can rapidly compress mattress in different sizes and thickness under the condition of ensuring not damage mattress, which can greatly save transport space and improve transport efficiency, thus acieve the purpose of reducing transporation and storage costs.


NG-31M Foam automatic compression machine foam packing machine

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Item name:NG-31M Foam automatic compression machine foam packing machine

power of oil pressure:5.5kw
heating power:3kw
outer demension(L*W*H) :3900*(2500+2700)*3400mm
working pressure:120T
distance of the opening gear:1200mm
number of oil cylinder:4pcs
number of air cylinder:10pcs
distance of heating work:3500mm
pumping power:4kw
size of pressure plate:2300*2500mm
net weight:5000kg
Payment Terms:T/T , L/C, etc
Shipping Point:Guangzhou\shengzhen
MOQ Production Time:about 7-25 working days
Packaging Details:wooden case & plastic normal packing
warranty:one year warranty


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Naigu factory is a high tech enterprise in Guangdong Province. We are also the China Research Center of drying and granulating with the award of Chinese Enterprise of Honoring Contracts and Credit of Grade AAA. As Deputy Director-General of China Association for Drying Equipment, Director of China Association for Pharmaceutical Equipment and China Fixed Point Production Enterprise for Chemical Equipment Company, we initiated lots of drying policies for China drying industry.


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1. Naigu has been always insisting on the quality standard of “ high standard, refinement, zero defect” and the strict production and processing flow, from material selection, technique to structure, quality checking, each step is orderly, each procedure is checked on strictly by professional technician, to ensure that the product quality will always meet the customers requirement.

2.At the same time, by paying close attention to the production managememt and service awareness training in the enterprise, the whole company has formed the scientific values of people foremost, regarding the factory as home, integrity first, taking value creation as pride

3. Which have motivated each employee’s greatest potential, promoted the team cooperative spirit, made them constantly exceeded themselves to create first rate job performance and service attitude, made the company products well received by the market.


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